Alberta, Canada
User Experience Designer

Canada—based Product Designer

Canada—based Product Designer

Based in Calgary, I possess expertise in addressing complex UX and design challenges for organizations of various sizes, including enterprises, fintech, telecom, edtech, robotics, and eCommerce sectors. My projects span from creating a unified design language focused on cutting-edge practices to providing UX coaching and enhancing processes and operations within organizations.

Tablet & mobile application design for learning platform

Design an engaging user experience for LearningExpress's mobile & tablet platform, featuring immersive lessons, sample exams, e-books, flashcards, articles, etc., focused on boosting scholarly achievements and preparing for standardized tests and beyond.

Design system for Fintech

Developed the foundation for an advisor-centric design system to accommodate 80+ applications aimed at advisors.

Desktop application design

A system enabling customer service representatives to swiftly locate information within an extensive telecom sector wiki, thereby improving customer support and reducing call durations

Mobile app for autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

Developed a distinct AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) approach that facilitates bidirectional communication for nonverbal and speech-challenged individuals.

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